JL Panelbeater’s Services

Quotations & Claim Assistance

Our experienced estimators will be able to provide you with the correct advice and the right course of action to take regarding repairs to your vehicle and your specific needs. We are also approved by all major insurance companies and will gladly assist you with the claims process and liaison with your insurance company. We are a recognized digital assessment centre and provide this service on behalf on your insurance company free of charge.

Major structural repairs

We are an approved Major Structural Repairer. Major structural repairs (MSR) entail more than simple bolt on and bolt off, of old and new parts. MSR is primarily required because of a serious motor vehicle accident and entails intensive body repair work, chassis straightening, cutting and welding and re-aligning of body panels. We have two qualified artisans and the mandatory specialised equipment required to execute this type of repair work. At JL Panelbeaters, we pride ourselves on our qualified journeymen with many years of service behind them who have access to the specialized and sophisticated equipment needed to ensure repairs of this nature are performed and completed to the required specifications and high Manufacturer’s standards.

Towing & Roadside Assistance (CALL 083 325 7047)

For breakdowns and accident emergency assist our team are on call 24/7. We have a fully secured vehicle storage yard with CCTV camera surveillance and armed response where your vehicle can be safely stored while awaiting assessment or authorisation.

Car Aircon Regas

Regassing is common when any repairs have been done to the front panel of a vehicle and the aircon pipework could potentially be compromised. We are also able to regas units when the aircon no longer works properly as a result of age and wear and tear.

Spray Painting

Car sprays to match original colour, as well as partial and full body spray painting available depending on condition of vehicle. We utilise the Glasurit brand to paint all vehicles, a well-known and environmentally friendly brand of paint. The paint carries a lifetime warranty and is approved by all motor manufacturers.


Polishing can be done on all vehicles that have been painted to ensure the highest quality finish to the painted areas. We make use of the best industry-approved products. Polishing and buffing improves the appearance of a vehicle and protects the paintwork from further wear and tear with age and time.

Paintless Dent Removal

For minor dents and where there is no damage to paintwork. A cost-effective solution for bodywork repairs. An effective means of managing hail damage.

Rust Repairs

Rust repairs for both minor and major rust damage including paint spray to match original colour. Our rust repairs carry a one year warranty.

Headlight Refurbishment

An effective means of reviving dull and faded headlights. Our process includes sanding down the top coating of the lens and resealing it. A clearer lens enhances the appearance of the vehicle and also improves the effectiveness of the headlights at night.